sydney refugee rally Isabelle Whitington

Stand Up for Refugees Rally, 11 October 2015, Melbourne

Sick of ‘armchair activism’? Get out and march for a great cause!

I love marching! It’s such a simple and powerful exercise of our democratic freedoms, and it’s an excuse to paint some posters, come up with some three word slogans of your own, get outside and shout at the top of your lungs for what you believe in! As you can see in my picture (page right–>) and on my Facebook page, the first incarnation of the ‘Born Free’ name was concocted the night before the Refugee Action day in Sydney back in April. I had my beautiful 3 year old nephew help me with some hand prints for the sign and a thought popped into my mind as he gleefully admired his work: “Every child deserves the chance to do some finger painting – coz we are all born free!” so I slapped the paint on and my blog name was born!

That’s why I am super excited about the next action organised to stand up for those struggling to leave their homeland to seek safety here in Australia. This one is organised by the Refugee Action Collective from Victoria. The Refugee Action Collective is a democratic, grassroots activist collective campaigning for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. I hadn’t heard of them before, I guess because they are Melbourne-based, but any group who has the guts and gusto to organise a day of action in a major city is a winner in my books (not you, Reclaim Australia)!

Time: 2pm

Place: State Library, 328 Swanson St, Melbourne

The tenets of the day of action are outlined on their Facebook event page, and they sound pretty good to me:

• NO Turnbacks
• Close Manus & Nauru
• NO Border Force Act
• End Mandatory Detention

They encourage everyone to join them in defiance at the public rally on October 11. I’m not sure I’ll make it down to Melbourne but anyone who can should check out the event and get down there and make some noise!

They’ve got representatives from the Greens, the NTEU, the Refugee Action Collective as well as speakers from Afghanistan and Iran, so it should be a really interesting and fun day.

If you’re not in Melbourne you can check out


6 thoughts on “Stand Up for Refugees Rally, 11 October 2015, Melbourne

    1. Hi Angelo, I’m glad you got the info you need. At the moment there are 3,500 people who have RSVP’d on the event. So it is a popular event and I hope it will be both fun and meaningful. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂


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